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Expanding Emotional Intelligence with Coaching

  • You are in a phase of a professional transition?
  • You are looking for a change?
  • You are not satisfied with your current work situation?
  • You cannot switch off after work?
  • You would like to expand your soft skills?

  • Or you have a need to further develop the managers in your company?
  • You have employees who are dissatisfied?
  • You have teams that are struggling?
  • Work is increasingly done under pressure in your company?

Main focus

I can accompany you professionally in the following areas:

  • Stabilization and expansion of emotional competence
  • Leadership
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Mastering and learning from professional crises
  • Make decisions more consciously
  • Coping with stress and rapidly increasing workloads
  • Releasing inner potential
  • Dissolving mental blocks
  • Development and unfolding of your personality
  • Career counseling and guidance

My Methods

I basically work according to the so-called Client-centered approach of Carl Rogers. This means that I do not impose a ready-made solution on you. Instead, I accept you in your own individual way and support you in finding your own solution. The goal is to activate your own resources.

Especially for the development of a stable emotional competence, I use the method of Focusing according to Eugene T. Gendlin. It helps to discover the root causes of negative emotions or conflictual behavior and to actually solve them. This can be done within a reasonable time frame and with manageable effort. This goes far beyond simply testing and examining Emotional Intelligence, as Focusing can eventually increase the emotional competence.

In addition to "classic coaching", which is working more on a verbal and cognitive level, I am using Focusing which also takes into account the level of feelings and emotions. You know it: important decisions are based on clear facts, but in the end the "gut feeling" is taking the decision. By including this additional level of working, it is possible to solve issues and problems not only through behavioral changes, but directly at the origin.

My approach

My offer is primarily aimed at individuals, but I also work with groups and teams.
This can be done either in a face-to-face meeting, via internet-based videoconference or by telephone.

You would like to have a first conversation without any obligation?
Please feel free to call me: phone +49 2506 30 48 78
or also by e-mail to

„We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.“

- Albert Einstein

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