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Basic Training Program: Focusing-oriented Coaching

(acc. to the standard of the German Focusing Society DFG for basic trainings)

Focusing-oriented Coaching

Many coaching approaches are using mainly the analytical and cognitive level and thus set themselves limits, especially when it comes to recurring and deeper issues. This is where FoC comes in, as it involves the two levels of emotions and the body in addition to the level of the mind to solve problems, as this is often a direct way to access the true causes.







Very often Coachees unconsciously include body feelings in a solution-finding process, such as "... my gut feeling tells me ..." or " ... this sits heavily in my stomach ..."or "... this is tightening my throat ...". But mostly this happens very unsystematically. FoC now offers the possibility to apply the sensing of the body as a structured method.

Contents of the Training

You will learn the basic elements of Focusing and practice them in detail. These elements can then be integrated flexibly and as needed in the coaching process.
So, in addition to the theoretical basics, we will spend a lot of time doing exercises together.


  • Introduction to Focusing
  • Experiencing Focusing
  • Basic attitude of the facilitator
  • The individual steps of the Focusing process
  • Creating Free Space
  • Saying Back, Pausing, Guiding
  • Carrying Forward
  • Felt Sense and Felt Shift
  • Practicing the individual steps
  • Integration of the individual elements into coaching sessions
  • Introduction to "Decision-oriented Focusing"

Scope and Organization

12 blocks of 2.5 hours each at intervals of approx. 1 week plus preparation and follow-up.
During a kick-off meeting, the dates are set together within the group.
Online via zoom in small groups of 3 participants.
If required, also group of 2 or individual seminars are possible.
Start:     to be agreed
Price:      1,100 Euro per person in group of 3

Graduation and Requirements

Each participant receives a certificate of participation.

This training meets the minimum standard of the German Focusing Society DFG for basic trainings and therefore entitles you to participate in the advanced training for certification as a Focusing Facilitator (DFG).

Ideally, you already have coaching experience, but it is also possible to participate if you are just starting your coaching training.

If you perhaps already have person-centered experience in coaching or counseling, Focusing is an ideal complement. And with the person-centered basics, the scope of the training could also be reduced after consultation.


Just ask for a complementary and non-binding preliminary discussion via the contact form.

Basic Training Program

The above described training for Focusing-oriented Coaching is also offered as a general basic training according to the standard of the German Focusing Society DFG.
In this case, the focus is not on the use of Focusing in coaching, but on the general application to general topics.

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