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Decision Coaching


Almost every moment in our daily lives we make some kind of decision. Fortunately, this is largely intuitive, because we can't start an investigation every morning to find out what we want to wear. It's different with major decisions, we spend longer and more time on it and often use methods or initiate investigations. But even if we believe that we have made a rational and logical decision based on clear criteria, it has been scientifically proven that a large part of the decision is made unconsciously and intuitively. Even if one has developed a healthy gut feeling, there is occasionally a belly landing, because one of the disadvantages of an intuitive decision is that we often move along old and unconscious patterns. For example, if we have already had a bad experience with something, this guides our intuition and we are usually not even aware of this pattern. Thus, with our decisions, we are constantly moving along our old paths and nothing new can emerge.

How do we work?

We support you in tracking down and recognizing the old patterns during the decision-making process and in finding a way to deal with them. Because only then is a "free" decision possible, free of old negative experiences. In decision coaching we work with what otherwise runs unconsciously, in a structured and systematic way. This is completely new in our approach.

What happens in decision coaching?

We take the intuition, the feeling about a decision situation as a starting point for further self-clarification. The meaning of the feeling is thus made accessible to understanding. For example, a gut feeling contains information that is tracked down, checked and then reflected by thinking. For example, an "un-good" feeling about a decision alternative does not automatically mean "don't do it", rather it is clarified what this unpleasant feeling means for this decision. And the more we are able to recognize our ingrained patterns associated with decision-making through this process, the more we are able to make decisions in a direction about which we first had an unpleasant feeling.

What are the advantages?

  • It’s all about time! An intuitive decision is simply faster.
  • New paths and new possibilities for further development emerge because we can leave our old patterns.
  • You create free space for the important things instead of brooding endlessly.
  • You stop pushing forward tricky decisions endlessly.


In order to put our findings of this new method on a scientific foundation, we are currently working on a research project. For this I am always looking for people for decision coaching at a signifivantly reduced price.
Please simply contact me by e-mail or via the contact area.

„It's not about making the right choice.
It's about making a choice and making it right.“

-  J.R. Rim

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