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Zen-oriented Coaching

Zen is neither a religion nor a method nor a theory.
Zen is simply a practice.

A Practice,

  • to realize, what is going on
  • to accept yourself, as you are
  • to accept, what is
  • to live in the Here and Now
  • to practice mindfulness

Zen-oriented coaching ultimately happens beyond any words, because it directs our view inward, to ourselves.
In doing so, we work on topics such as:

  • How can I better switch off after work and slow down the “carousel of thoughts” in my mind?
  • How can I decelerate my life?
  • How can I become calmer and more relaxed?
  • How do I find my own way?
  • How do I deal with change?
  • How do I manage crises?

The method of Zen-based coaching will lead you to more calmness, balance, clarity and a healthy energy level.

A Zen story

A Western visitor came to a Zen master in Japan and wanted to understand Zen. The Zen master did not answer the question at all, but poured a cup of tea for his visitor. Even when the cup was full, he kept pouring. The visitor watched the cup overflow more and more until he shouted, "Enough! The cup is already full, no more can go in!" The Zen master replied, "Like this cup, you are also full. Full of your own views and ideas. How can I show you Zen until you empty your cup?"

„Face reality as it is,
not as it was or as you wish it to be.“

- Jack Welch

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